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  • Who am I really?

  • Have you ever  felt like you weren’t  good enough,  or gone to drastic measures to  achieve what society is  saying  is  sexy  and the ideal  image

    I can guarantee that at some stage everyone has looked in the mirror and not been happy with what they have seen.

    Any woman you come across won’t be afraid to admit it, what about the men out there?

    This article is for you men out there, who have or are struggling with any image/confidence issues.

    A common misconception out there is that only those that are over the average weight can have image issues, trust me, this is not the case.

    Anyone can have image issues, whether you feel you’re too short, too large, too thin, too tall, too white, too dark, have too many freckles spots, moles or what have you. The list can go on and on. Image issues can be endless, all it takes is for someone to not be happy about how they perceive themselves and usually judge themselves against what society and media are dictating as sexy or hot.

    This includes men, over the last decade all these amazing support groups have been created to help women, it’s now time to get the equilibrium back by offering the same support to men.

    Let’s join together and help men get their macho back.

    One of the first issues with perceived image, is the fear of being alone and un-lovable. Let me squash that fear for you now.

    Firstly as a woman I can confirm that I would rather have someone with personality over some who is deemed sexy by society.

    This is where I ask you to look at what you look for in a partner before you criticise yourself and say things like I am worthless and no one would want this. I would like to point out that the above example statements are not true. We may not have the ideal body or be happy with everything we have, that does not make you unlovable or worthless.

    Focus on your positive attributes and you will see that you are loveable and worthy.

    Secondly beauty is in the eye of the beholder, although you may not feel comfortable within your own skin or may not think that you are hot enough, does not mean others will not see beauty.

    For some reason we are our own worst enemy, my advice is do not trust the mirror as this does not reflect true beauty. All joking aside you can change your outlook when looking into the mirror and I’m not talking about putting a face on or becoming someone different.

    It is a simple task of looking yourself in the eye and stating all your positive attributes, you must look yourself in the eye for this to be most effective, and say it with conviction. This will take practice and can be extremely challenging at times and will feel extremely awkward at first.

    This is an essential step to acknowledging yourself and a way to start to see the potential and possibilities others see.

    While you are practicing seeing yourself from a different perspective I want you to consider the following; all the amazing, awesome, beautiful traits we see in others we have within ourselves.

    I know you are thinking about arguing that point, I have to say it’s true, if you didn’t have it, how would you be able to recognise that trait or strength in others?

    If you cannot look in the mirror and state your positive attributes, look to those you really admire or positive traits and strengths that you are constantly acknowledging in others and look yourself in the eye and state what comes up.

    Start off small, state one positively beautiful statement about yourself and work your way up. Sometimes looking straight into the mirror can be daunting, in these instances again start off small, get used to acknowledging yourself, once you are in the habit of noticing your positive traits work your way up to the mirror.

    No matter what method you use, ensure you are stating the positives with conviction, energy and passion. Make yourself believe it.

    Be patient with yourself and remember it can take up to 28 days to form a new habit