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  • So this is a big one.

    Many of us may believe we are passionate about something in the end we find out we really weren’t that into it.

    An example of this is in relationships, many of us go through relationships thinking that we love our significant other and when the relationship comes to an end we really don’t care. We may have a hurt pride or ego but we don’t have a broken heart.

    Have you ever stopped and wondered why?

    My guess is we believed we should have felt a certain way about that person and perhaps we did care for them and like them just not as much as we thought we did.

    Now this applies to more than just relationships.

    So are you really passionate about the things you think you are?

    Think back to a time where you may have experienced a similar situation to the example above where you realised that you weren’t really in it, you just believed you should be for whatever reason.

    Ask yourself;

    How you felt throughout the process?

    What was going on?

    What was the reason you were there in the first place?

    Personally when I found myself in a similar situation I kept feeling guilty and couldn’t explain why. All I knew at the time is I had a horrible feeling that wouldn’t go away. Thankfully before it went anywhere I was able to take a step back and change my mind. Changing my mind was the best decision I ever made and it could be yours too.

    So let us go back to motivation for a minute. This is where you will have to look into what was motivating you to stay in that relationship or in that job or to keep doing whatever it was that you weren’t truly happy about.

    Was it something you were told you should do and pretended to like it to please others?

    It could have been something you were initially interested in and somewhere along the line the passion disappeared.

    Just because you may have set a goal or made a decision does not mean you cannot revalue your life and what you want.

    If the passion has disappeared I’m not saying that decision wasn’t the right one for you, it could be others reaction to this idea or decision that has impacted your enjoyment level.

    When this happens it is about looking at the situation and asking yourself;

    What happened?

    Are you still interested in it?

    Once you have answered those two questions you may have some decisions to make.

    The reason why I’m getting you to look into the past as the same indicators may come up and can help you realise when you are not really passionate about what you are doing.

    Sometimes we need to focus on what we don’t want to know what we really want

    It should be simple for us to know what we want to do and what makes us tick and the harsh reality is that it’s not. In today’s busy world it is easy to forget about ourselves and focus on what everyone else wants. We are constantly putting others before ourselves and often don’t have the time for ourselves and don’t spend time to think about our own happiness.

    So spend at least 30 minutes with just yourself. Think about what you really enjoy, what makes you feel awesome and like you are floating on cloud nine.

    What are your strengths?

    Now this may seem like an odd question as you may think what does strength have to do with my passion?

    It is my belief that we tend to be passionate about the things that we are good at. You just may not be aware of it at the time.

    Go do whatever allows you to free your mind and to just be alone with your thoughts. Start of thinking about what you enjoy, what you are good at and before you know it you’ll start realising what you are passionate about.

    When you are doing this soul searching just allow the thoughts to come, do not judge them and just think about you and what you want from life. Also focusing on what you want can be an insight to some deep seeded passions.

    Remember this is your life and you have a right to be happy and live it the way you want to.

    You have the right to revalue as often as you need.

    Go and find you happiness and turn your dreams into realities.