• The PhenoMeNal Revolution Group Rules

    Run by Mel Aurino, the PhenoMENal Revolution is a community for Men on a Mission.

    This community is dedicated to helping men find their place in today's world as well as getting support and encouragement to embrace themselves and live the life they desire.

    The success of this tribe is purely down to the interaction of all its members, this group is here for you.

    To help with interaction please see the below daily themes,

    Monday Mindset, (get out of the Monday Funk and how to jump out of bed enjoying the day)

    Tuesday Knowledge Share, or Random Fact (think of it as trivial pursuit, share your knowledge and advice)

    Wednesday Gameday, Wednesday is hump day, to help us get through the week this is the designated funday. Do something fun, create a quiz or game that everyone can participate in

    Thursday Share/Support, if you are a business owner or have something to sell or promote, this is the day to do it. Please feel free to share anything on this day (whether personal or business related)

    Friday Drinks, lets get social, jump on lives and get to know each other better. It's the day to unwind from the week and prepare for the weekend. This is a social connecting day where we get to know each other on a deeper level, go get a cold one, sit back relax and get to know one another

    Saturday Self Care, this is a day designated to you, for you to do something solely for you, make sure you do something relaxing and have 'me time' share what you are doing to look after and nourish yourself.

    Sunday Weekly planning and goal setting, this is the day to plan out the week ahead to start the week running. Let us know what your plans are for the week.

    Please note that these themes are guidelines only. Any insights, questions, comments, sharing days, wins and challenges etc is accepted any day of the week. However please do not promote ANY self-promoted post on any day other than Thursday.


    1) This is a safe zone where there is only compassion and appreciation (Strictly no judgement zone)

    2) Open up, share your thoughts, dreams goals, challenges

    3) encourage, support & respect one another

    4) Be dedicated to achieving your dreams

    5) Strive to grow and learn in an area that you are passionate about

    6) Know that passion and happiness start with you and not job title

    7) Desire to grow and to find your true self

    8) Be authentic and learn to let go of what is holding you back

    9) Be willing to open your mind and experience new things

    10) Offer support, encouragement and friendship to others in this group

    11) Be willing to share your gifts and talents in this group to help yourself and others grow

    12) Desire to leave behind a legacy

    13) Commit to yourself and your growth

    14) Have the ability/desire to create your own results and live your dreams

    15) Feel the fear and do it anyway

    Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your removal from this group.

    Enjoy this community and make it yours and something you want to be part of, have fun and enjoy :D - Mel