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  • So the last article discussed how we can motivate ourselves

    Which I believe is half the battle once we know what motivates us we can always motivate ourselves

    What happens when that motivation dies down?

    Obviously we will have to find another method to motivate ourselves or we throw our hands up in the air and walk away from the task at hand deeming it too hard to accomplish

    So this goes back to ensuring you are using the right motivators for you. Also I want to reiterate that you may need to be patient with yourself as sometimes we do just need to take a break and we all stumble.

    Just because you stumble does not mean you should turn your back on the progress

    In order to stay motivated and stick with whatever it is you are doing to me you need to enjoy it. Otherwise you will not want to keep doing it.

    Even if it is something that you don’t enjoy and are using fear as a motivator then try and find the positive in the situation and make it a more enjoyable experience for yourself

    Remember you do have a choice in how you perceive everything and anything that you do

    You can make a situation enjoyable just as much as you can make it intolerable

    I find it easier to stay motivated if I view it as something I would like to do rather than something I have to do.

    Now this may not work for everyone, the first step is to realise what does motivate you and then once you have identified that it should be easy to find a way to stay motivated

    It may be just a matter of re-motivating yourself every time

    Setting rewards or punishments if you don’t achieve what it is you have set out to do can be extremely helpful as well

    Sometimes you need to take a break and listen to what your body is telling you. Perhaps you are struggling to get or stay motivated as your body is telling you that you need a break

    You are entitled to have down days and rest. So don’t overdo it and think in order to be motivated you need to be on the ball all the time. That may work for some and if it does great. I am a strong believer on having down time and quite simply having you time.

    Take some time to relax and rest your mind, do something that you enjoy. If you take out all the joy then you could walk around in a funk and not know why. It is essential that you give yourself the time and space you need.

    Again I cannot tell you what will motivate you or what will help you stay motivated, so ask yourself

    What would you like to do to stay motivated?

    What does motivation look like for you?

    Are you using the right motivation method for you?

    Can you implement these and do you need support?

    Remember we are all unique and the method we use to get motivated may not be the correct one to use to stay motivated. What will keep you motivated?

    Without realising it you are motivated every day when you get up and go about your day, you may just have to dig a little to find out what is keeping you going from day to day and what is holding you back.

    Knowing what is holding you back can be very effective in staying motivated. You could be self-sabotaging without realising it. So finding out what could be holding you back could be the key to finding out how you can stay motivated.

    Yes there may be a lot of soul searching required to get down to the nitty gritty of it all but in the end I believe it will be worth it. Knowing what makes you tick and what drives you, could answer many question not just about motivation.