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  • Before you start groaning that another motivation post has been put up; I promise this one is not about motivation.

    Motivation can help with staying focused but at the end of the day motivation alone cannot make you focus on something

    Now obviously one way to always remain focus is to remove distractions; let’s be realistic here. Not all distractions can be removed.

    Attempt to make your working conditions tolerable. For example room if possible adjust the thermostat so that the environment is comfortable.

    Environment can be very helpful with remaining focused, some enjoy setting an office outside and while nature can have distractions it can be very relaxing and less stressed.

    Personally for me to stay focused on a task I have to drown out everything else and focus solely on the issue at hand. I literally focus on that one thing

    A helpful hint no matter what gender you are, focus on one thing at a time. This way you will not get overwhelmed with everything you need to get done. Focusing on one thing at a time will help you complete tasks and you will feel successful as you’ll find you can probably achieve more.

    I understand life is busy and there’s so much you want to achieve with so little time, and I truly believe the fastest most efficient way to do this is by focusing on task at a time.

    If you don’t believe me ask yourself how many times have you started something then got side-tracked with those dishes or something that was more important, never to finish that original task?

    Don’t worry about it; you are only human and sometimes we will find ways to distract ourselves or procrastinate as we really don’t want to do whatever it is. If you find yourself constantly procrastinating perhaps you need to look into the reason why and review how to get motivated article.

    Clearing your mind and focusing on that task may not be for you and isn’t always as easy as that.

    So what helps you stay focused when you know you have to finish that assignment and not get distracted by that game, tv show or Facebook update?

    I find music helps me tune out, though it can have an adverse effect as the music can be a distraction. I find I work better with music as it helps me drown out everything else and sometimes takes me into my own world. Which of course can be a distraction itself as then my mind may wander.

    It’s about what works for you. You may need complete silence, music blaring etc in order to absorb yourself in that task. What do you need to get into that zone?

    What do you need to do?

    Where do you need to be?

    That last question may seem strange, for instance in order for you to focus on work do you need to be in an office, or perhaps a library and away from home. Do you need to act like you are going into an office and dress like you are going out. Some people when they work from home may take a walk around the block to make them feel like they are going to work and then do the same thing at the end of the work day as to symbolise the end of the working day. It is an effective strategy and can help you not take work home with you.

    Obviously that may not work for some and others may be quite intent of rolling out of bed and working without any preparation and still be able to turn off work mode at the end of the day. In these situations I admire someone who can do that. My question is; are you really turning off work mode? If you are that is awesome and I have to congratulate you as separating the two when you live and work in the same place can be extremely challenging and it is something many self-employed people struggle with, even when they work in a separate space. It can be challenging to turn off the work mode switch.

    So all my tips for staying focused is pretty simple;

    Focus on one thing at a time

    Do whatever it takes to get in the right zone

    Remember to take down time and relax. If you don’t spend time for yourself or on yourself then you may struggle to find that focus when you really need it. Life is about balance you have to take time out for yourself. Taking regular breaks will ensure you have the energy when you need it most.

    When you are relaxing focus on relaxing and put all your energy into relaxing. Doing this will ensure that you are completely relaxed. Do whatever relaxes you, meditate, have a bath, read, draw, write, watch movies, play games whatever it is and do it for about 30 minutes a day and focus on just that one thing. Finding time to do this can be challenging so if you have kids perhaps do once they are settled in bed when you know you will have a decent 30 minutes to yourself.

    Having down time is a big one for me and I believe it will help you achieve more if you can carve 30 minutes out of your day as you will always be refreshed and have the energy to see things through.

    I hope this article has given you an insight to remaining focused.