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  • What get you going and motivates you?

    What is the reason you get out of bed in the morning, is it out of sheer obligation or because you have something to look forward to?

    Now a lot of us may think motivation means completing something with a smile on our faces and giving it our all and yes that may be part of it and I only find that this is the case if we really enjoy what we are doing.

    As we all know life has its ups and downs and at times that motivation can be hard to find.

    In order to find our motivation we have to find what keeps us going, what is the reason we stay in a job we hate etc.

    Obviously there may be a difference between what motivates us to get up in the morning to what motivates us to be the best person we can.

    So we have to recognise a negative motivator and a positive one. If we can change the negative motivators into positives then you’ll probably find that you feel happier and more relaxed.

    To figure out if you are using negative motivators think about what motivates you and is the reason behind that as you are afraid of something?

    For instance is the reason why you keep getting up in the morning and continually going to that job that you hate because you are afraid that you wouldn’t be able to support yourself if you didn’t?

    Sometimes negative motivators have their place and can be more powerful than the positive motivators. It is the same with rewards vs punishment. However if you are constantly using negative motivators you more than likely feel stressed, like a failure and are living in fear.

    If you find you are using more negative than positive motivators look into the areas where you have a positive motivator and see if you can use those in the other areas. If that doesn’t work see if you could transform the negative into a positive. With the example of work it may be hard to find a positive motivator this is where I would try to turn the fear into a positive. So if you are afraid that you will not be able to support yourself without going to work could you turn that into a positive, for example this job provides me with income and freedom to be able to do what I want. Now I know this may not be true for everyone and that was just an example.

    There may be times that you cannot reframe the negative motivator. When faced with this ask yourself; could you change your view on the job. You currently don’t like the job you are in but what are the positives, what does this role give you. Start focusing on the positives of the situation and you may find that the motivator will change to a positive without you knowing it.

    I understand that you may say there is no positives, I absolutely hate this job and company and can’t wait to leave. Again I will challenge you on this and ask are you sure. It has been my experience that as humans we do not stay in a role or situation if there is nothing positive about it. This is the same in relationships. Sure the negatives may outweigh the positives but there are still positives present, even if we don’t realise or recognise them at first.

    The positive may be the reason we get up and walk out that door every morning and sometimes we just need to reframe things or look at them with a different perspective. Yes you may have to dig a little deeper to see what is really keeping you in that situation, if you still come up blank ask yourself if you are truly unhappy in this situation then why are you staying?

    What are you doing to make this situation easier for you?

    I know I have said this before in earlier articles but you have a choice. You choose to stay in these situations or move forward.

    Yes it may be the fear that is holding you back. Overcoming fear can be challenging and can make the biggest difference in your life; you can only overcome fear when you are ready.

    The real question about motivation you should be asking yourself is: are you using the right motivators for you?

    Despite what this article states whether you are using negative or positive motivators if it works and you are happy than you don’t need to change a thing.

    It is all about being aware of what is motivating you and is it the right motivator to for you to use in that situation.

    When you are struggling to find that motivation I would suggest make it a positive motivator as you’ll find the enjoyment and energy required if it can be made into something you want to do. For instance when I clean I put  on upbeat music that I can dance along to, though I’m not a big dancer I like letting go and jumping around in the privacy of my own home. To me listening to music if a positive motivator for me, also it gives me time to think.

    No it isn’t always easy to come up with something positive to motivate us and with anything in life practice makes permanent.

    Start thinking about what motivates you and if applicable amend them to suit you and your needs.