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  • Well I’m sure you have all heard the saying. If you do what you have always done than you will get what you have always got.

    The real question is how to you break your habits and create new ones.

    Obviously to get different results you have to do something different. Usually that is easier said than done. In most cases we may not understand what we are doing “wrong” or what needs to change to get a different result.

    Sometimes we need to change our perspective. Trying to see things from a different perspective can be challenging. If you feel you need another perspective ask yourself what other options are there?

    If you are experiencing difficulties in coming up with this yourself you can always ask someone else and get a fresh pair of eyes.

    Sometimes asking someone else for assistance isn’t the answer. When in these situations I find it helpful to go take a break from this task for a while and then approach it again once you are refreshed.

    What happens if you are stuck and generally don’t know what step to take next?

    Personally when I get stuck I will research online or find someone who I know who has achieved something similar and ask what they did and what they believe I should do next. In other words model someone. Find someone who has succeeded and use them as an inspiration. Now I’m not saying do everything that they have done, as perhaps some things will not resonate with you.

    Any change may and will require for you to get out of your comfort zone. Change isn’t always easy. So this is where your mindset comes in. If you appear to be hesitant to take that step, ask yourself what is going on at the moment and are you ready to take this step and enforce this change.

    Obviously there is a reason you want to achieve different results and if you are not willing to take the steps necessary you need to ask what is holding you back and what are you afraid of.

    No, I’m not saying stay where you are comfortable. Sure it’s comfortable (that’s why they are caused comfort zones) I’m just saying that some soul searching may be appropriate and required for you to take that next step.

    Generally our worst fears and worst case scenarios will never be met. Our mind is a worst enemy and will conjure up scenarios that at the end of the day will never happen. It happens to us all. I draw comfort from the fact the reality isn’t as bad as my imagination.

    So if these fears are in your head, are you willing to let them hold you back?

    In order to move forward something will have to change, are you in the right mindset to adapt change.

    The awesome thing about this is that you are in charge, you can decide what you change and at what pace. So take it at a pace you are comfort with and if needed ease yourself into the change

    If you are ready to move forward and able to take that step without self-sabotaging yourself, go for it and don’t look back.

    Once you have taken that first step remember to be patient with yourself as it can take anywhere from 21 to 28 days to create a new habit. The reason why it takes time as our old habits are imbedded in our system and brain and it is extremely easy to fall back into what we know simply because the neural pathways for those old habits are wide, where the news one are just that new and narrow.

    The only way to strengthen new habits is practice. Just think of training a certain muscle group within your body takes time and practice and usually a lot of exercise. You can’t go lift 20kg’s one day and expect the muscle to grow and strengthen instantly. Well it’s the same with anything we do in life. Practice makes permanent.

    So patience and persistence is the key; you may stumble and occasionally go back to the old methods and that’s ok. Sometimes stumbling can help you find new ways that you had never thought of. For instance you may be able to combine a little of the old habit with some of the new and have a new and improved version. I have found that when I have stumbled I have come up with a better creation to what I had initially.

    Don’t be afraid to try something new and remember there is no such thing as failure; only lessons. Take what you need that will help you move forward and discard the rest.

    Seek help and guidance and know it is ok to be stuck.

    Embrace change and be willing to discover new things.

    Be creative and try your own thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying it your way if you have ideas; by all means if you know what you need to do then go out there and shine. Don’t let others hold you back including your imagination.

    Just because this article recommends mimicking others who have succeeded does not mean it’s the right path for you. If you know where you have to go and what steps you need to implement I encourage you to start doing what you want.

    The reason why many of us stray away from change or creativeness is because we worry what others will think and how they will react. Obviously if this is a problem you are experiencing ask yourself do they have the right to tell you how to live your life and dictate what you should do? Do they really know what is best for you?
    Would you rather know you gave it a shot while you had the chance?


    Take the chance and start making the changes necessary for you to get the optimal results