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  • Have you ever just sat there and wondered what you should do with your life?

    What you should eat for dinner and just couldn’t decide?

    Sure some people could say “It’s easy deciding what you want or knowing which way to turn”

    “Just do what’s most important to you, what makes you happy.”

    Yes, sometimes choosing what to have for dinner is not as daunting as we initially thought.

    There are times we can make decisions without a second thought.

    What about the times when we cannot make up our minds?

    The times where we want the best of both worlds?

    There could be many reasons as to why you cannot make up your mind or know which way to go

    It could be because your beliefs and values are conflicting with each other

    The actions you have to choose from don’t agree with your values

    There may be third parties involved and you have to think how it will not only affect you, but everyone around you

    You may not want to hurt someone

    The list is endless as to why you are having difficulties choosing a direction

    Generally I find that in today’s busy world we do not give ourselves enough time to make important decisions. So we either bury our heads in the sand as we have more immediate things to deal with, or we just push it to the side and make quick rash decisions that don’t gel well with us as we haven’t the time to “dwell” on decisions.

    If you can pinpoint what is preventing you from making the decision than you are nearly there

    I’m not saying that once you can acknowledge what is stopping you that the decision will be easy, it will help you understand more of why you are having difficulties in deciding what you want and will get you a step closer to making that decision

    Personally I find knowing and believing in yourself is the first step to being to understand what is going on underneath. Sometimes you will have to do some soul searching to realize what is blocking your way.

    I find I can make the important decisions like what I want out of life but then I can’t decide on what to eat for dinner. Decision making to you may depend on the intensity and importance of the decision.

    Yes I must say I do agree with those who say “just do what’s important to you”, Don’t worry about anyone else, this is your life” however I do acknowledge it is not always that easy and there are usually other factors involved

    When I struggle between a couple of decisions; I write the pro’s and con’s to every factor and then compare them until I have a final decision

    Sometimes you need to do physical labour and clear your mind and let your subconscious do all the work. Meditation can be a handy strategy in gaining clarity. If meditation is not your thing then find something that will enable you to clear your mind. It could be going for a walk and getting fresh air, use someone as a sounding board, write, sing,dance, paint, be creative the world is your oyster and your options are limitless

    So to wrap this up the main techniques that I find work are

    Find/Make time for yourself

    Know who you are

    Acknowledge what is preventing you from making this decision

    Clear your mind and allow the subconscious do all the work.