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  • What is coaching?

    What is coaching?

    Coaching is a discussion which is focused on future events with the goal of moving the bar higher to grow

    Coaching is assisting others decide what they want and how they will get there.

    It is all about you and helping you achieve your desired results in all aspects of life

    Coaching ranges from gaining clarity to Goal setting to completely life changing

    It is truly about investing in yourself and be willing to experience new challenges, confront old fears, rid yourself of limiting beliefs.

    It is a way of guiding you through the path that you want to take

    Coaching is not someone telling you what to do, where to go and how to act. It’s about finding out how you view the world

    It is about looking within you to find what is right for you

    The only expert here is you.

     As a coach I cannot tell you what would be right for you

    The goal of coaching is to help you realise your potential, to help you find the answers that are already within you!

    To sum it up coaching is a guidance and support system where the main focus is YOU. Not your actions, beliefs, behaviours etc. it’s all about YOU

  • Who needs a coach?

    Coaches are not just used to help develop sporting and athletic skills.

    Coaches can aid you in all areas of your life.

    Do you have an area you are not overly pleased with?

    An area you would like to improve on?

    Do you want to rid yourself of limiting beliefs?

    Want to change your current beliefs?

    Learn to face your fears?

    Do you want to grow?

    Face new challenges?

    Want help in setting goals?

    Need someone to hold you accountable?

    Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

    Would you like to achieve clarity in one area?

    Want to be able to make decisions?

    Want to break bad habits?

    Need motivation?

    Want to stop procrastinating?

    Want to Gain confidence?

    Want to grow and develop?

    Or just simply want to live life the fullest?

    There are many more areas in which you could benefit from coaching

    Coaching will help you gain clarity on what it is you really want in life.

     It is all about you and you being able to live to your full potential

    There is no age limit or special circumstances where coaching is required.

    All that is required is you go in with an open mind and be willing to experience change

    If you want to succeed at something, gain clarity, live a more fulfilled and enjoyable life

    If you are feeling confused, overwhelmed or stuck then you can benefit from coaching

    Coaching is for anyone willing to invest in themselves.

    It’s not about meeting criteria or believing you have problems or issues, it’s simply a way to help guide you through the life that you want live. 

  • What can you gain from hiring a coach?

    Your individual experience is yours alone. It will differ from person to person.

    Ask yourself: What am I hoping to achieve from coaching?

    If you don’t know, that’s great

    Coaching will aim to help you achieve results.

    As mentioned above everyone’s experience will be different as no two people are the same and we all experience life differently.

    The experience will be yours and yours only, what you gain from coaching will be unique to you

    I’m not going to lie and try to dazzle you with all the great things that may be a result of investing in yourself and obtaining coaching

    Generally coaching can range from gaining clarity, goal setting all the way to life changing; again what you personally take from a coaching session will be up to you

    So the questions you should really be asking are:

    Do I want to be coached?

    I am ready for this experience?

    What do I want to achieve from coaching?

  • How does coaching differ from Counselling and Mentoring?

    Coaching focuses on the future and is future paced

    Counselling focuses on the past

    Mentoring is teaching others all YOU know

  • Am I the right coach for you?


    Personally I don’t know if I will be the right coach for you. I understand that there may be personality clashes and other factors that may result in me not being the correct match for you.

    If I feel or believe that I am not the right coach for you, I will let you know

    I can tell you I am an honest and caring person.

    I believe that everyone is amazing as they currently are and that we all have the potential to aim for the stars.

    I know that each and every one of us is doing the best we can we what we have available to us at the present moment.

    I enjoy helping others become what they want to be, help them grow, help them face fears etc.

    My clients have my undivided attention and I will do everything in my power to help them achieve the results they want.

    I enjoy helping people and the best feeling is when a client states they are where they want to be and do not require coaching any more

    My aim is to help others to the point that they can continue without my help.

    There will be times that I’ll hold you accountable, call you on you BS and you may feel uncomfortable, you may not like me or the procedure; that’s fine, it’s all part of the process.

    I am here to help you, not to make you like me.

    I take a holistic approach to coaching. I am realistic and will not dazzle with the “impossible”. In saying that I do believe anything is possible if you believe.

    Take flying for example; people say we can’t fly and yes it may be true that we can’t literally grow wings and fly, there are still ways that we have accomplished this task. People fly everyday via various aircrafts.

    Impossible is not a word I am familiar with, if you have a dream that seems unrealistic or “impossible” I am certain there is a way to turn it into a realistic goal and that answer or solution is within you. 

  • What are the Advantages of Coaching

    Coaching helps clients know who they truly are and why they may act a certain way.

    It will help you realise that your life and how you view the world is a result of beliefs, values, life experiences and outside influences.

    Coaching can even assist in un-earthing those hidden beliefs and values that may be holding you back.

    It can give you an awareness and understanding of how your beliefs, values and life experiences are impacting on your life.

    It is crucial that you know you and only you are in charge of your actions. The rate of your success is in your hands and is completely up to you.

    While a coach does not direct the development of any client, they can offer a unique perspective which may help the client progress to where they want to be

    Coaching can help you view the world from a different perspective


  • What are beliefs?

    Beliefs are simply what we perceive to be true. These are usually formed form our life experiences and sometimes values

    For example we may believe that calling someone a horrible name will make them upset as when we were growing we saw a bully picking on another kid; which made that kid cry and therefore we associated pain with the act of name calling.

    Beliefs can be the source as to why you react in certain ways and very possibly judge others.

    Generally I find we judge others when they have done something that does not agree with our beliefs and or values. 

  • What are values?

    Values are what make a person who they are.

    Values are what makes us happy and what makes us tick. They also reveal a person’s top priorities and what they hope to achieve out of life.

    In short values are guidelines for our decisions and actions. Values will usually assist you are truly working towards your goals

    Values are important as they are what we are made of.

    Please see the definition from a dictionary below:

    “Principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life.”

  • What are strategies?


    A strategy is the way we perform tasks.

    We have strategies for everything in life; from the way we brush our teeth to the way we feel and act

    For example you may have the following strategy for brushing your teeth

    Step one – Grab the toothbrush

    Step two – turn the tap on

    Step Three – wet the bristles on the brush

    Step four – turn the water off

    Step five – put a certain amount of toothpaste over the wet bristles

    Step Six – put the toothbrush in your mouth

    Step seven- Start running the brush over and around your teeth

    Step eight – When the mouth feels full spit the paste out

    Step nine – Repeat Step 7 and 8 until teeth feel clean

    Step ten – rinse mouth and replace toothbrush back in its holder

    Now you may do something different when you brush your teeth, the point was the steps listed above are a strategy.

    We have a strategy or a list of steps to follow in everything we do in life, we just aren’t always aware that we are following some sort of recipe that has been programmed into us.

    A Strategy could simply be the way you were taught to do it and never gave it a second thought.

    If you are curious what strategies you have, ask yourself; What steps do I need to achieve in order to blank?

  • Does coaching change you?


    This is a hard one to answer.

    I am inclined to say you will experience some change from coaching but as everyone is different and unique I cannot honestly say if something within you will or won’t change.

    At the end of the day it will be about what you are willing to take from the coaching and implement in your life.

    No one is saying that you need to change to be coached. You may just require some clarity around a decision you need to make.

    Sometimes a coach can be a sounding board and therefore no change will be in effect

    Remember you are perfect the way you are and I see no reason why you should change

    If you want to grow and develop and have a life changing experience with coaching then you will experience what you will and will take what will guide you in the direction you want to go

    It remains the results of your objectives and mission

  • What are the basics of goal setting?


    A goal is something you want to achieve, something you want to aim for. A goal could also be a dream and what you want in life.

    In order to set a goal, you need to realise where you are now, focus on where you want to be and list the steps that will get you from point A to point B

    There are sometimes other things that can impact a goal and the outcome, so you do have to ensure the goal is realistic and achievable in the time-frame you have set out.

    I find that when the goal has been broken into smaller portions, it can be less daunting and usually easier to stick to.

    For example you have set a goal to make $1M and this figure alone can be daunting and can make you push this goal to the back of your mind and file it away in the “impossible” folder.

    However when you go so I have my goal, now how do I get there, what steps do I need to take, where do I start, who do I need to talk, do I know anyone who has achieved this and how did they do it etc you are starting the process of breaking this initially daunting and overwhelming goal into something achievable.

    I’m not telling you need to set a goal to make $1M, it was just an example in which I have heard others say that they could never achieve

    You will know that best strategy to set out a goal and what works for you.

    If you are experiencing difficulties in achieving your goals set out, my suggestion is to start out small and then slowly increase the depth of the goal.

    Coaches can and will guide you through the goal setting process.