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  • Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you decided to simplify things and make your life easier by delegating a few tasks and then found more reasons to procrastinate?

    Me too!

    When this has happened to me, I kept finding myself making excuses. Usually the usual: “I’m too tired”, “I have other things that are more important”, “I’m trying to reduce my stress levels by not doing as much” etc.; any of the above sound familiar?

    The thing I want you to remember is sometimes we need a break and to not do anything, that is usually the reason for holidays, to take a step back and un-wind. To do this you don’t necessarily have to go overseas or go to an expensive hotel and rack up your credit card on all the expensive things you may purchase and fun activities you want to experience.

    You can have a break by just eliminating some tasks that you do and spend time on yourself daily, it is not always a bad thing, especially if it is well needed.

    In fact I implore you to always ensure you are doing something for you. If you ensure you are looking out for you and always doing something that you enjoy and are doing it solely for you then you should avoid any break down, where you may throw your hands in the air and walk away and feel like you cannot do this anymore.

    In this article I am talking about more about the habit of eliminating tasks to make your life easier and yet you still keep cutting back and you may not be doing more than what it absolutely necessary.  Or once you start cutting things out, you may not be able to stop and just keep going.

    First of all you have to do what is best for you, if cutting out everything is what you need then do it. It may be your way of starting fresh.

    Secondly you need to look in the reason you’re cutting things out, and are you cutting out the right tasks?

    For example you may be cutting out tasks due to stress, what happens if you are cutting out the fun tasks that help you reduce/release stress? If you cut these out you will find that you are more stressed or overwhelmed and that you are just going deeper into the stress area.

    Or if you remove the tasks that aren’t adding stress, same thing could happen right?

    So sometimes it is not about giving yourself less to do, it’s about finding the reason for the cut. Let’s continue with the example of feeling stressed. You could remove yourself from things, but that is not necessarily fixing the stress, as soon as you go back the stress may or may not come back. It’s about finding the cause of that emotion or in other words the reason for that stress and then finding a way to solve the problem.

    Sure removing yourself from things may reduce stress and I guarantee that this is usually a temporary fix. You need to find a way to solve the problem, which of course means you need to find out why the stress is there.

    Yes it may be there because you expect too much of yourself and therefore overload yourself with too many tasks, in these situations delegating work will help for a short while, until you find more to overload yourself with.

    So this is where you have to change your expectations or beliefs if you want to fix the problem.

    I’ll be honest with you, it will take time and will be something you will have to work on. Practice makes permanent. The only way to imbed new learnings is to keep doing it, over and over until it becomes a habit and you find you are doing it naturally.

    Really it is all about re-training yourself so you can live a happier life.

    I recommend you prioritise your time and find a method that works for you. I personally have found that priority management works really well for me. When I was attempting to manage my time I was failing miserably. I would keep feeling overwhelmed and that I wasn’t doing enough.

    When you think about it time management doesn’t really make any sense. We can never truly manage or control time. Time is just a measurement, the sun will still rise and set no matter what measurement is in place or what tasks are still outstanding. All time management does is create more stress and can make us feel inferior as we have placed this artificial limit on ourselves. We can never create more time, however it is possible for us to complete an extraordinary amount of tasks within 24 hours.

    So how can some people work full time, study part time, raise family and still have free time to spend with friends, while others struggle with working full time and socialising?

    Have you ever looked back on the past and thought WOW, they really filled their days and kept going, how on earth did they fit all that into one day?

    Yes some would say the simple answer is that was the way of life back then and they had no choice. If they wanted to eat, keep a roof over their heads etc then they had to work as hard as they did. I do agree with that on some level, I believe it goes much deeper than that. Way back when, time wasn’t monitored like it is in today’s busy world. They would judge time of where the sun was, and there wasn’t as much emphasis on how long you had to complete a task, you just did what had to be done.

    This is why I believe stress is a major concern in today’s world. We are all bustling around moving quickly jumping from here, there and everywhere as everything we do in life has a time limit.

    I’m curious to see if it would work, if we were to remove the emphasis of time, would we get more done; as we would not have the restriction/guillotine over heads?

    This is why I use priority management. Setting my goals in order of priority and not moving on until I have finished one task. Yes you may need to set a time in which you need the goal completed by, usually when I am sorting through my priorities I do not have a time limit. Time is considered into my priorities when I am setting them. For example, if I needed to have something completed tomorrow, I will make that my TOP priority and so on.

    Setting deadlines did not work for me, as I said before I tried that and failed. At the end of the day I know Goals need to have time considered, and it has to be realistic. I found when I was setting deadlines I wasn’t being realistic and wasn’t considering everything I had to do. So I would set tasks put a timeframe on when they should be completed by and didn’t realise I had other things to consider and therefore my timing was not realistic.

    Sometimes doing this and pushing yourself can be amazing when you have accomplished everything you set out to do. You get filled with this euphoric feeling and realise how much you can actually do and if this method works for you, then keep using it. If you have read this far, then my guess is it isn’t really working for you and you are just telling yourself that.

    Remember to always be honest with yourself, deep down you’ll know if you are lying.

    Again I implore you to find a system that will work for you.  I found priority management less stressful and funnily enough it provided me with more time and peace. I would be interested in hearing  your thoughts on time versus priority management.