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  • Society is changing; men are no longer the sole bread winners.

    Before I go on, I want you to know that I am not against  women fighting for their rights, I am an equalist and that means equal rights for everyone  regardless of gender, race, culture, beliefs etc.
    With women now gaining more power, men are confused and they do not know what to do with their life, they are feeling like they have lost their purpose.

    So much has changed in such  short  amount of time and while women have adjusted  to  this new power, men are in limbo, not sure how to act, or what to do.

    Although  there is  this new age movement, with empowering  women, there is still a stigma  out there that the man needs to  provide and when they cannot, they are feeling, lost confused, angry and useless.
    If my life were to turn upside down, I would be feeling all the above and more.

    Now women are not helping matters when they scream they want independence and that they can do anything that a man can, and then turn tail and get all annoyed that a certain male did not help or make them feel pampered, cherished and special.

    First of all girls cut the guys some slack, there is already plenty  out there that we can do that they can’t,  don’t rain on their parade and make them feel useless and insignificant. You wouldn’t  like it if they did it to you, so do not do it to them.

    Make an effort to show your man how much he means to you, tell them all the things they add to your life.

    Secondly you are only confusing them more when you scream and shout you can do it all yourself and then get annoyed when they take what you say as gospel.

    If you want complete independence that is fine, just know what the consequences are.

    Thirdly men don’t play mind games, a piece of advice, do not attempt to play mind games and potentially  manipulate your man into doing anything, this does not help matters, before you act, think about how you would like it if the same trick was played on you.

    Manipulation and mind games will make the guys angrier and more annoyed; they are not a doll you can play with. Show them the respect they deserve.

    Guys out there may hate me for saying what I have so far, the fact remains they are human, with emotions and they need to connect and feel useful just like everyone else.

    Guys, it is normal  to feel lost, confused and insignificant  based on the empowering  women movement, you don’t  know what to do. No matter what is happening out there, you are appreciated, respected and you do have a purpose.

    Unfortunately I cannot tell you what that purpose is, that is something you will have to figure out, just know that you do so much in this world and no one has the power to make you feel insignificant.

    Ladies, remember men have feelings, pride and egos too. They need to feel special and cherished just as you do. Do something that will help them feel cherished, loved and appreciated.

    Remember treat everyone as you would like to be treated, it’s amazing how much more respect you will gain.

    Let’s join together and show men that they matter!