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  • Change is a way of life. No matter how much we may not like it. It is something that we all experience.

    Whether it’s change from growing older, change in environment or lifestyle. Change happens on a day to day basis.

    So how do you deal with change?

    Are you someone you can embrace the change or do you find it challenging?

    No matter how you handle change, know you are not alone. Many people out there do not like change and will avoid change at any cost. You’ll often hear others stereotype “old people” who don’t like change. I don’t know if it’s they don’t like change or if they are stuck in their habits.

    Yes most of the time change will require us to change our habits and adapt, this isn’t always the case.

    It makes sense that if things change so does our habits and our personalities. My question is do we need to change, or follow suit?

    Yes sometimes you do need to adapt to the changing conditions for example if you are a new parent then yes somethings may have to change. You won’t be able to go out and party every weekend, you may have to re-visit spending habits and finances, but that doesn’t mean you need to change. You can adjust habits and still be you.  Take the above example; having a child may mean you can’t go party every weekend but doesn’t mean you cannot have a social life and spend time with friends.

    It is about adjusting and comprising to suit you and the conditions.

    I think this is what we get confused with most; we believe that because our situation is changing so do we and therefore we struggle with this change as we do not want to change ourselves.

    When you find yourself in a changing situation, take a moment and ask yourself;

    • Do I have to change to adapt to this situation?
    • What is the change?
    • What needs to change?
    • What is the purpose of this change?
    • Can I still do the things I want and the things that make me, me?
    • Do I need this change?

    That last question may stump you. I just want to make it clear that just because things are changing does not mean that you need to take on the change. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent it and all you can do is embrace it, like growing older. We cannot stop time and the changes we physically go through in life. These changes do no decide what type of person you’ll become.

    All in all just because a situation you may be invested in may be changing, does not mean you need to.

    Most changes are for the better however we automatically focus on the negatives. This is where you need to focus on what you will get out of the change and the purpose for changing. I have said it many times before, you do have a choice. If you choose to implement the change and to adapt then you may have to look into what is making you take on this change.

    You have a choice how you react to any change. Is it your reaction to the change that is the problem or the change itself?

    If you find that it is your reaction, take a step back and look into what is making you react that way and then ask yourself how would you like to react instead?

    This is an awesome strategy; once you have an idea of how you would like to react, implement it. Please be patient with yourself, with this step as it takes about 28 days to create a new habit. You’ll probably find that you reaction to change is habitual and therefore will take time.

    If it’s the change that is troubling you, ask yourself; what is it about the change that is making me uneasy/ I don’t like/ that is troubling me?

    After asking yourself these questions if you still come up empty handed you may find it beneficial to talk it out loud, spend some time relaxing etc. Find what works for you if you still come up empty handed then you can contact an Inner Core Coach, upon working together you’ll find what the true issue is.

    Most of us fear change as it is unknown and we fear the unknown. In the world of unknown there is a world of opportunity

    Remember if nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies.

    Go forward and transform into the beautiful butterfly that you are.