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  • Mel has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable. She is genuinely caring and has a beautiful warmth. Mel has the ability to move you forward with a firm but gentle hand. I would recommend Mel to my friends. Thank you for all your help Mel. Cheers Janelle


  • Mel is a fantastic listener and asked very insightful questions. Through her support and guidance she empowered me to reach my own solutions and overcome barriers that were preventing me from moving forward. She has helped me focus on my goals and what I can do to achieve them. I’d highly recommend her as your next coach!


  • Mel is an exceptional life coach with a knack for knowing when to probe for more information, or just allow the words to flow out.

    I came to Mel with a few different problems that I wanted and needed help with. I was having problems professionally and financially and utilized her skill and experience to home in on what I was truly after. I was working a dead end job that I hated, working part time on my own business with the dream of leaving the workforce forever and struggling to balance my relationship goals within my busy schedule.

    After our coaching sessions, I now take control of my procrastination (only took me 28 years), I acknowledge and accept that I deserve free time and have the foresight to schedule it in. This has helped me find a job that I enjoy while I continue to work on my business at a reasonable pace. My relationship has never been better and I’m even studying part time to continue to develop myself.

    While it was me who got off my ass and made these life changes happen, Mel was the catalyst that made it possible. After only a few sessions with her I felt as if I had better direction, a plan of attack each week and was held accountable to my word. The conversations we had we always non-judgmental and supportive and left me with more drive each week to continue with my goals.

    Only you can decide if life coaching is a step you want to take now in your life, but if you are ready, then Mel is definitely the five star choice.


  • I have been fortunate enough to be coached by Mel in the area of relationships and wellbeing. Mel has a confident and supportive approach to serving her clients and has helped me to make meaningful changes, resulted in more cohesive relationships with those closest to me. Her dedication and persistence to facilitating lasting change is truly inspiring and I would happily recommend Mel as a coach to anyone genuinely ready to be empowered. In appreciation, ~M Pinney

    ~M Pinney

  • When you have the opportunity to be coached by Mel. TAKE IT, it is not what you expect there are no judgment calls and its all about you and what you need out of life. Whether it's goal making and reminding, life changing decisions or a shoulder. Mel uses your personal challenges and helps you play them out uniquely as you are. I gained accountability but within my time frame not somebody else’s. Including Mel’s which was a sigh of relief as that’s what I was expecting ( to have someone hold me accountable) and continues to be a pleasant experience. Thank you Mel for being a guardian angel even though I didn’t realize I needed one


  • Mel is a fantastic coach who I have had the privilege of working with for the past 8 months. When I started with Mel I only really planned to focus on one area in my life – getting my business up and running – but thanks to Mel’s skilful coaching I discovered a whole lot more about what was (and wasn’t) going on for me in my life! I already knew I was constantly frustrated with myself for not getting more done, but Mel’s gentle but probing questions helped me realise that I also had some uncertainties in a number of areas of my life, and was avoiding tackling some of the “big issues”. Although this could have been a bit scary and overwhelming, Mel’s caring and insightful coaching style has helped me recognise how much I’m already achieving, and also helped me to work through some of the things I wasn’t sure about or was just plain avoiding! This hasn’t all been easy – Mel has helped me to look hard at myself at times and be really honest with myself – but that was exactly what I needed to do to start getting the results I want in all areas of my life – not just my business. Always though – through the whole process – I know Mel genuinely believes in me, has had my best interests at heart, and weaves her magic to help bring out the best in me. Mel is an excellent coach who I would highly recommend as she has really helped me move forward – I have ticked off many of my short term goals and I’m well on my way toward my long term goals. Even better though is that on a daily basis I am feeling more satisfied and happy with what I am achieving, and I operate from a much more resourceful and happier frame of mind. Thanks Mel for caring but still keeping me accountable, and for being supportive but still stretching me – it’s a great combination! Cheers Gail

    Gail Davies