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  • What are beliefs?

    Beliefs are simply what we perceive to be true. These are usually formed form our life experiences and sometimes values

    For example we may believe that calling someone a horrible name will make them upset as when we were growing we saw a bully picking on another kid; which made that kid cry and therefore we associated pain with the act of name calling.

    Beliefs can be the source as to why you react in certain ways and very possibly judge others.

    Generally I find we judge others when they have done something that does not agree with our beliefs and or values.

    What are Values?

    Values are what make a person who they are and are usually emotional states

    Values are what makes us happy and what makes us tick. They also reveal a person’s top priorities and what they hope to achieve out of life.

    In short values are guidelines for our decisions and actions. Values will usually assist you are truly working towards your goals

    Values are important as they are what we are made of.

    Please see the definition from a dictionary below:

    “Principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.”

    How do my beliefs and values impact my life?

    As stated above a person’s values are what defines them.

    If you get annoyed at someone picking their nose in public and never understood why have a look at your beliefs and values. You may believe that it is completely disgusting and may go against a value you hold about public image or just image in general.

    Do you want to understand what your values are and are unsure of how to do this?

    It’s as simple as asking yourself “what is important to me?”

    From there you may have to delve deeper, for example: If you say family and relationships are important to you in order to find the value behind that we will have to dig deeper.

    To get to the root of the value we must discover the emotion

    Note: If you find yourself thinking of an action, then that’s the vehicle, so it’s time ask yourself, “What did that action give me?” and “What did that give me?” until you get to the emotional state that was driving the behaviour


    For example: What is it about these relationships that are important to you?

    Relationships may be important to you as they help you feel connected, provide you with support, love, loyalty, freedom etc.

    Connection, love, loyal, freedom and support are your values. Now these may only be you values in relation to relationships. Don’t be surprised if the values you mention in one area pop up in others.

    Now we usually form our beliefs are our values or what is important to us. So back to being irritated about someone picking their nose in public is more than likely formed by you belief that it is a disgusting habit and perhaps you have a value of respect and your believe those who pick noses in public cannot be respected and treated like an adult.

    Although your beliefs are what you perceive to be true, you need to know that your beliefs may not have come from you. For instance picking noses is a disgusting habit may have been what your grandmother told you when you were a child and stuck that finger up your nose and went digging. So then you have lived life believing this to be true as an important person in your upbringing told you so.

    Beliefs and Values are what defines a person however the source of these beliefs and values can range from family, friends, media, teachers, environment, yourself and your experiences.

    I’m not saying that you need to look at your beliefs and values and determine if they are yours or not. If they are working for you then don’t change a thing, however if they are not working for you perhaps start looking into the source of these beliefs and values and what you would prefer to believe instead.

    Whether your current beliefs and values are yours or not, don’t fret if you discover they are not working for you.

    You can change your beliefs and values at any time if you find that they are not working for you at this moment.