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  • In order for you to accomplish your dreams, you first need to know what your dreams are.

    So let’s back track to what do YOU really want and what are you passionate about; where I talked about finding out what you really want and what you are passionate about. So combine those two and you may have your dreams right there in front of you.

    If you haven’t read those articles I advise you do so before continuing as they may help you realise what it is you truly want.

    Once you know what your dreams are the next step is finding out what you have to do to turn your dreams into reality. Now this step can be challenging as you may not know how to achieve your dreams or what steps are required. When in this situation take a step back and ask if I did know what will it be?

    If you still come up empty handed look into other who have achieved similar to what you want to achieve and learn how they did it. Model them and apply what will help you.

    Secondly take action, knowledge is meaningless until you put that knowledge into action. To achieve your dreams you will have to take the required steps. You can know all you can about achieving your dreams and what steps to take and at the end of the day dreams will remain dreams and fantasy as long as you are “thinking” about it. This is the biggest step for all of us. Sometimes we fear the change and taking action.

    There is always one step that we can’t take as something is holding us back. We all fumble and struggle with taking action. We can be the worst judge of ourselves and our mind can be our worst enemy; our mind may have conjured up some drastic event that will happen if we pursue our current thoughts. Therefore it holds us back. Now you may have something else that is holding you back and that is okay too. First we have to acknowledge and understand what is holding us back from taking that first step.

    When it comes to the worst case scenario I love looking at it and going ok cool so what is the absolute worst thing that can happen if I pursue my dreams and then I ask myself ok can I bounce back from this and would I survive, usually the answer is yes.

    With that I don’t look back and I move forward. Before I jump in head first I usually ensure this is what I really want and not what other may expect of me, generally this step should have been completed prior to facing my worst fears and sometimes it is good to check in again to ensure you are doing this for the right reasons. To be clear the right reasons are because it’s what you want from life, it is what deep down you want to do, it is something you have hidden away afraid of what others will think.

    Our imagination is great as that’s usually where our dreams come from, it can also have a downside and that is when we fear something our minds will exaggerate and make the events to be far worse to what they actually are.

    Have you ever dreaded something and you kept thinking “Oh no….” “Oh My Gosh” etc and you kept picturing what it will be like and the day comes up and you ended up having quite a nice time and all those things you fretted over never happened?

    Well that is an example of our minds conjuring up worse case scenarios. Asking yourself if you can bounce back from the worst case scenario may not work for everyone; this is where I implore you to find something that does work for you as this is usually the point of sabotage. Some people can tell that negative pessimistic voice to get lost, by acknowledging it an example is; “Thank you for sharing”, you can add to it as you see fit, some people like to argue with themselves as to why they should proceed, I admit this is a fun one to do and I do realize it is not always appropriate to voice these thoughts out loud. You could imagine yelling at yourself if you can’t voice them out loud where you are and if this is the most successful strategy for you.

    Others like to re-frame a situation so it’s more appealing. In order to do this you will have to have some self-awareness and be able to stop that negative whine and change into something more positive.

    Everyone is different, there is no right or wrong and you may have a strategy that works well for you which has not been mentioned in this article. If you have a strategy that is working then keep using it.

    So now that we have decided what we are aiming for, know how to get there and have shut down that fear, the next step is putting your plan into action.


    What about outside pressure, you have dealt with the inside pressure but not the external pressure.

    Now this can be an ongoing problem as friends, family, colleagues etc may not understand your need to achieve the things you have dreamed for so long.  Personally I believe if you have the strength to shut down your own fear then you can face the external pressure easily.

    I can’t give you a straight forward strategy here to help you deter negative people. All I can say is believe in yourself and your dreams. Believing in yourself, your dreams and your actions will give you the strength to move forward and will even help you attract like-minded people who will support you through this process. Change can be extremely challenging and I believe it can also be the most rewarding.

    There will be hurtles to overcome and as long as you believe in yourself and the reason you are chasing your dreams then there is nothing that will stand in your way.