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  • At Inner Core coaching our aim is to help others realize their true potential and assist everyone to live the life they want. We support and encourage you and will be with you every step of the way.

    Inner Core Coaches are extremely passionate about helping others move forward, face challenges, experience changes, live life to the fullest and to grow both personally and professionally.

    Coaching to us is all about helping others see the potential in themselves and providing them with a means to move forward.

    We help guide you down a path to clarity and help you discover what you want and who you truly are. 

    An Inner Core Coach will empower you and help you find that inner strength that has been locked away and we believe that communication is the key to anything in life

    Our aim is to help anyone no matter what walk of life you are from or what area you would like to focus on. We currently specialize in Self belief, self image, confidence, mindset, relationships and communication. 

    We are compassionate and understanding and know that life sometimes gets in the way of us achieving our goals. Our coaches will help you open your mind to new possibilities and solutions.

    We understand that throughout life it is easy to forget about ourselves on focus all our energy on making others happy. An Inner Core Coach will help you reverse that focus back to yourself. This is done as we appreciate life challenges and our coaches come from diverse backgrounds and have worked in many sectors.

    Mel our lead coach has worked in different working environments from working in a commercial kitchen to managing and training in an office environment to telephone counselling. Throughout her working years she has accumulated many life skills which she found aids her with coaching. She loves a challenge and her passion is living her life and helping others live the life they want. 

    As coaches we do not stereo type and do not pass judgements.

    At the end of the day, it’s not about us but YOU.

    YOU are AMAZING and sometimes in life it can be challenging to see our true potential and our positive attributes.

    If the above has intrigued you and you are looking for a passionate adventurous coach, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can Contact Us by clicking here